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Why Chose Illinois Divorce Online?

Low Cost: We have designed an inexpensive, easy to understand platform that does the work for you, producing a complete, accurate and ready to file petition that will save you time and money.

Document Review: We review your automatically generated documents for errors and omissions that can slow down the process causing frustration and extra work.

Effective: The document review we provide in your case is included in the package price and is what makes our service very effective.

Experience: We have been providing family legal assistance to the people of Illinois for over 19 years. We offer this inexpensive, effective and secure online solution to those who want a straightforward settlement in this era of COVID-19.

4 Easy Steps to Obtain Your Divorce Quickly and Inexpensively
Illinois Divorce Online
  1. Register for free with Illinois Divorce Online and Login with your secure username and password
  2. Enter your information in the Forms Interview
  3. Purchase the Documents (including Document Review)
  4. Download the final reviewed documents along with instructions on how to e-File

Illinois Divorce Online
What We Do Not Do
  • We do not share your personal information with any other party
  • We do not store your Credit Card information
  • We do not send you marketing email if you register then decide to not use our service
  • We do not give you a bunch of forms to fill out and leave you to figure it out
What We Do
  • We do respect and take your privacy seriously
  • We provide a secure, encrypted connection to safeguard your information
  • We employ two-step verification to prevent others from accessing your information
  • A State of Illinois licensed attorney reviews each of your documents for errors and omissions that might slow up to process

Frequently Asked Questions
$295.00 for an Agreed (Uncontested) divorce - No Children
$395.00 for an Agreed (Uncontested) divorce - With Children

Both packages include a complete document review to ensure accurate filing to avoid delays

No, feel free to register, login and review the forms to get an idea of what is required to complete the process. No payment necessary until you decide to proceed.

Each Illinois county sets their own fees for filing the Petition and filing the response (often included with the Marital Settlement Agreement)

For 2022:
Fees for filing the Petition are generally in the $306 - $326 range (Cook County is $388 and Kane County is the highest at $424).

Response fees are generally in the $181 - $201 range (Cook County is $259 and Kane County is $239).

The MSA is a written agreement that describes issues such as alimony, child custody, your rights and how marital property gets divided between both parties. Also called a property settlement agreement, this contract will become part of the divorce judgment.

Illinois Divorce Online generates this primary document as part of the set of documents to be filed with the court.

If there are minor children the court requires a Parenting Plan that describes all of the time frames and conditions of each spouse/partner's responsibilities toward the children.

Illinois Divorce Online provides a comprehensive Parenting Plan form that allows flexibility in making the 'who-what-when-where' child care decisions.

This is a custom financial form based on the State of Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services (HFS) recommended child and medical support obligations.

Illinois Divorce Online provides this required form to be completed and submitted for court approval along with the other forms. It is one of two forms not available for viewing prior to paying for the service.

This form details all assets and debts pertaining to the marriage and of each individual.

Illinois Divorce Online provides this required form to be completed and submitted for court approval along with the other forms. It is one of two forms not available for viewing prior to paying for the service.

An Agreed or Uncontested divorce is when the spouses/partners agree on all conditions and do not require the court to determine how assets are to be divided or to make decisions about spousal/child support or custody.

Use Illinois Divorce Online for this situation.

A Contested divorce is one in which the parties cannot agree on whether to get a divorce or on the terms of the divorce such as how to divide the assets, who pays for which debts, alimony, child support, or custody of the children.

Do not use Illinois Divorce Online for this situation.

Illinois recognizes two grounds for divorce:

Irreconcilable Differences: Use Illinois Divorce Online if you have Irreconcilable Differences as your reason for divorce
The other spouse/partner's Fault: Do not use Illinois Divorce Online

Either you or you spouse must be living in Illinois at least 90 days prior to filing for divorce.

Illinois states that in order to claim Irreconcilable Differences you must be separated for at least two (2) years, or six months if both parties sign a waiver. However, courts take into consideration a variety on situations.

Two-step verification is an extra layer of protection that first asks you to enter your email address and password, then, a unique security code.

How it works: As part of the login process, after entering your email address and password, a security code is sent to your email address and a popup window asks you to enter this code. You are then granted access.

An attorney will be available to answer your questions by telephone. There is a reasonable attorney's fee that, upon your request, will be billed to your credit card in the amount $75 per 20 minute increments.

Illinois now requires Electronic Document Filing (e-Filing) for divorces. Once your documents are complete we provide instructions on how to e-File.

Illinois Divorce Online
Illinois Divorce Online